Freedom of speech means that any individual can share their ideas publically without fear of censorship. When public-access television was created in the early 1970’s, the airways were flooded with new, locally produced programming that was by the people, for the people. Traditionally, public-access television can be broken down into three categories, public, education, and government, or better known as PEG. While both education and government are important, the public sector of the PEG cable television system gave independent producers an outlet to share their thoughts and ideas without the fear of being censored. The 508 Film Fest aims to follow a similar model and provide a new outlet for artists to create unique, valuable, and locally-relevant programming that can easily be accessed by the community.

The 508 Film Fest will be held on October 25, 2019 at the Ashland VFW at 311 Pleasant St, Ashland, MA. A total of 12 films will be chosen from the 4 categories and they will be screened at the event. We invite your friends and family to attend for a night of fun entertainment and great food!

The 508 Film Fest is hosted by WACA TV. WACA TV is Ashland, MA’s independent, PEG cable television network. Their mission is to help residents and local organizations realize their potential through the medium of cable television. WACA-TV encourages, and facilitates, the production of quality programming created by the community for the community. We are dedicated to providing the best quality programming for our residents while strengthening expression, communication, understanding, and appreciation of diversity in a community.

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508 Film Fest Finalists

Narrative Short Film
2 Ghosts – Grambam

Written and Directed by Griffin Tibbetts
Two ghosts attempt to sneak into a movie.

AUG 04
Written and Directed by Troy Lustick
A group of teenage boys wander through their suburban neighborhood on a spoiled August day in 2004.

By Jake Peckar
Shahkboy is a typical Boston high school kid, doing drugs and getting busted for graffiti. Oh, and he’s half shark.

Narrative Medium Length
Written and Directed by Melissa Bennett
Annabelle Johnson’s peaceful day at the library is ruined when a man walks in with a gun. Now suffering from PTSD and unable to function in the real world, Annabelle signs up for a new age virtual reality experiment meant to “cure” anxiety. However, the simulation isn’t what Annabelle expected, and she quickly finds herself trapped inside of it with no way out. With only Caden (another participant) to help her, will Annabelle manage to find a way to exit the experiment? Or will her anxiety get the better of her, keeping her trapped there forever?

Written and Produced by Devon Coull
A blue-collar story about a young man’s recovery after a near fatal overdose.

Sirenetta’s Family Dinner
Written and Directed by Matt Bruneau-Richardson
Sirenetta is finally introducing her boyfriend to her family, but there’s just one small problem; he’s a human and they’re all mermaids. Together, Sirenetta and Freckles dive into an evening full of family drama and danger when some mysterious monsters crash the princesses’ party.

Documentary Short Film
Get All The Money 
Directed by Meera Sabeh
A Non-Fiction Short featuring Massachusetts producer D-Sharp International and his role in the music industry.

Umbilicus Desidero
Directed by Michael J. Epstein
Some voids aren’t meant to be filled…. The true story of Neal Jones, whose life forever changed when he lost his belly button.

Documentary Medium Length
Best Chance U
Directed by Elizabeth Jenny
An inside look at the Ivy League football experience of black players at Dartmouth College.

Making Cape Point: A Coastal Maine Collage
Directed by Rick Groleau
“Cape Point” follows the making of a single piece of art, from initial sketch of a ocean point on a remote Maine island to its hanging in a gallery. The “work” is a painted-paper collage, created by artist James Groleau, using an innovative technique he developed. The film itself is a collage, of sorts, piecing together the making of the collage, listening in as James reflects on his bohemian lifestyle, following along as he hikes and explores the Maine coast, and watching him work on his extensive and beautiful garden.

One Wing in the Fire
Directed by Maximilian Armstrong
Hiking the nearly 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail is a mammoth undertaking. Those up to the task could use a little help from this benevolent, chain-smoking Trail Angel who drives the only white van you want to accept candy from.


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