Election Day

November 6, 2018


State Election

These are the unofficial election results for Ashland ONLY. Not the results from the whole state.

Position Name Votes
Senator in Congress
Elizabeth Warren (Democratic) 4754
Geoff Diehl (Republican) 2609
Shiva Ayyadurai (Independent) 279
Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Baker and Polito (Republican) 5402
Gonzalez and Palfrey (Democratic) 2192
Attorney General
Maura Healey (Democratic) 5547
James R. McMahon, III (Republican) 2066
Secretary of State
William Francis Galvin (Democratic) 5509
Anthony M. Amore (Republican) 1773
Juan G. Sanchez, Jr. (Green-Rainbow) 221
Deborah B. Goldberg (Democratic) 5232
Keiko M. Orrall (Republican) 1961
Jamie M. Guerin (Green-Rainbow) 186
Suzanne M. Bump (Democratic) 4741
Helen Brady (Republican) 2114
Daniel Fishman (Libertarian) 315
Edward J. Stamas (Green-Rainbow) 143
Representative in Congress
Katherine M. Clark (Democratic) 5250
John Hugo (Republican) 2201
Robert L. Jubinville (Democratic) 5856
Senator in General Court
Karen E. Spilka (Democratic) 6317
Representative in General Court
Jack Patrick Lewis (Democratic) 6029
District Attorney
Marian T. Ryan (Democratic) 5914
Clerk of Courts
Michael A. Sullivan (Democratic) 5927
Register of Deeds
Maria C. Curtatone (Democratic) 5885
Question 1
Yes 2053
No 5457
Question 2
Yes 5576
No 1969
Question 3
Yes 5486
No 2143
Question 4
Yes 4894
No 2325