A Cleaner Plate

Personal Chef Sabine St Pierre and her twin sister Bethany Hart Gerry cook up dishes which are not only healthy, but delicious also. They have gone on location to showcase fresh garden veggies and prepare tasty dishes with them. They also did a special episode on healthy tailgating dishes to bring to favorite sporting events.

Learning Center

Producer and host Lillian Travaglini discusses a variety of topics with many interesting guests to inform and entertain her viewers.

Beacon Hill Briefings

This program is hosted by our State Representative, Jack Lewis, to inform his constituents on the happenings at the State House.

What’s Really Going On?

Julie Nardone and Jim Hanna discusses town issues from their perspective bringing another side to Ashland government happenings.

All Politics is Local

Hosted by Jon Fetherston, Peter Chisholm and Terry Hendrix, this award-winning show discusses political issues on the National, State and Local levels.