All Politics Is Local – hosted by Jon Fetherston, Peter Chisholm and Terry Hendrix, this award-winning show discusses political issues on the National, State and Local levels. 

Policy Beast — produced and hosted  by Makeda Keegan, this program focuses on in depth policies in  National, State and Local  areas which impacts our community.

Beacon Hill Briefings — this program is hosted by our State Representative, Jack Lewis, to inform his constituents on the happenings at the State House.

Learning Center — producer and host Lillian Travaglini discusses a variety of topics with many interesting guests to inform and entertain her viewers.

Bergeron Briefs — Attorney Arthur Bergeron, who specializes in elder law, educates the audience on important issues to assist the elder population in making the appropriate decisions with finances, health and estate planning.

Behind the Curtain — this program is a look at what goes on in theatrical productions.  It is hosted by Joe White and Katy Shander-Reynolds from the Ashland Community Theater. It has featured  some original  comedy productions such as “The Interns” and “Therapy Sessions”.

Your Business Matters — Benchmark Advisory Group members produce an informative program which focuses on best practices in managing and operating  a business with interviews from their business associates.

What’s Really Going On? — Julie Nardone and Jim Hanna discusses town issues from their perspective bringing another side to Ashland government happenings.

A Cleaner Plate — Personal Chef Sabine St Pierre  and her twin  sister Bethany Hart Gerry cook up dishes which are not only healthy, but delicious also. They have gone on location to showcase  fresh garden veggies and prepare tasty dishes with them. They also did a special  episode on healthy tailgating dishes to bring to favorite sporting events.

Casual Gourmet — this award-winning program is hosted by gourmet cook, June Weiner, who prepares some of her favorite dishes.

Angelic Guidance for Daily Living — hosts Par Rainville and Carolyn McGee discuss how incorporating angels into our daily lives can help bring us peace and strength.

Calling All Kids — Storyteller and retired first grade teacher, Anne Stacy, reads to her young audience and engages them in discussion of the books.

Badges — Fire Lieutenant David Iarussi instructs his viewers on fire safety  and other related issues

Dream Factory Community — host and entrepreneur, Nancy Cantor talks with members of her business organization on how they are living their dreams with starting and managing  their own businesses.

Nutri Facts — Nutritionist/Dietician, Tracy Yemma produces this informative series  on healthy lifestyle issues with experts in the field.  Tracy does occasional episodes in the kitchen studio where she  cooks up healthy foods.

New Beginnings to Health — hosted by Health Coach and owner of a new Salt Room called “Just Breathe”, Missy Cohen interviews experts in a variety of modalities on healthy living.

Around the Clock News for Ashland — this bi-monthly award-winning news program anchored by Yolanda Greaves covers issues in and around Ashland with featured guests discussing noteworthy topics.

Vacation Time — hosted by travel consultant Dan Weiner features many interesting places to visit on land or sea.

Sports  Productions — we cover many high school sporting events including  football, basketball, soccer, volleyball hockey, baseball, softball as well as a variety of other school sports.

Government Meetings. — we cover all important government meetings and forums including selectmen, school committee, planning board, board of health, zoning board, town meetings, election candidate forums, election coverage plus any other as requested.

Federated Church Service — weekly worship services of this local church are recorded for airing at a later date.